• On the Trail of the Glaciers on the National Geographic Italia magazine

    From today, on Italian newsstands, the National Geographic issue of July exclusively dedicated to the mount Everest. Four pages are dedicated to the project On the Trail of the Glaciers on it. The article, written by Fabiano Ventura and accompanied by some photographic comparisons of the same author, tells the story of the expedition “Himalayas 2018”

  • Climate change and mountaineering. About it on UP Climbing

    “Like canaries in coal mines used to warn miners of dangerous gas leaks, the destruction of these environments is a warning we cannot ignore.” The striking juxtaposition is reported in an article published by UP Climbing magazine, in which the phenomenon of climate change is recounted from a mountaineering point of view. Ludovic Ravanel, a

  • Fabiano Ventura protagonist on Espansione Tv for the Lake Como Light Festival

    Next June 21st Fabiano Ventura will be protagonist of the show “Festival della Luce 2020 – Streaming edition”, that will air at 9pm on Espansione Tv. The other guests of the program that will be conducted by Alessandro Cecchi Paone will be the meteorologist and climatologist Andrea Giuliacci (who will be present in the studio)

  • Reflection on World Earth Day

    Today we want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “World Earth Day” with a consideration about what we are experiencing, supported by a selection of our photographic comparisons from the largest mountain ranges on our planet. “Many people today would like to return to “normality“, says Fabiano Ventura, director of the project “On the Trail

  • The State of the Himalayan Glaciers on Geologicamente

    “The State of the Himalayan Glaciers” is the title of the article that has just been published on the first edition of Geologicamente, the new magazine of the Italian Geographical Society reporting some scientific results of the expedition “On the Trail of the Glaciers – Himalaya 2018”. Written by Andrea Bollati, Fabiano Ventura, Claudio Smiraglia, Guglielmina

  • “On the Trail of the Glaciers” exhibition at the National Mountain Museum from March 12

    This time it will be the Museomontagna of Turin to tell the public about the project On the Trail of the Glaciers.  The exhibition, organized as part of Ferrino’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, recounts through a selection of photographic comparisons and backstage images the first five expeditions of the project, held in the Karakorum, Caucasus, Alaska, Andes and

  • Macromicro and Mountain Partnership: a new partnership is born

    The non-profit association Macromicro has obtained the patronage of the prestigious Mountain Partnership, the international alliance of governments and organizations that aims at safeguarding mountain territories, protecting the environment, safeguarding culture and promoting the sustainable development of the people who live there. The Mountain Partnership, which was established in 2002 and is part of the

  • Himalaya 2018: the Scientific Result on Nimbus

    The last issue of the prestigious scientific magazine Nimbus, directed by Luca Mercalli, dedicates the cover and 18 pages inside to the scientific results of the expedition “On the Trail of the Glaciers” – Himalayas 2018”, illustrated with photographic comparisons made by Fabiano Ventura during the expedition and signed by a group of researchers of

  • At the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa, aperitif and exhibition with Fabiano Ventura

    Thursday, January 16th, from 7pm Fabiano Ventura will accompany visitors to the exhibition entitled “Fabiano Ventura, On the trail of the glaciers” in a guided tour at the Civic Gallery of Bassano del Grappa where the exhibition will remain on display until February 17th.  The exhibition, which traces back the five expeditions of the project

  • International Mountain Day: Art and science together in Milan to celebrate it

    Ludovico Einaudi, Fabiano Ventura and many other distinguished guests gathered at an event organized by the FAO to tell the story of the mountains and their fragility. On the International Mountain Day, established by the UN in 2002 and celebrated on the 11th of December, artists, scientists, mountaineers and experts will once again meet this

  • On the Trail of the Glaciers makes a stop in Chivasso

    “Immaginando” is the name of the cultural event promoted by the section of the Italian Alpine Club of Chivasso, near Turin, in which an evening dedicated to the project On the Trail of the Glaciers is scheduled on December the 6th.  The event, sponsored by the City of Chivasso, is a highly awaited event that

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