On the Trail of the Glaciers at the Club of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Club of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was crowded during the evening dedicated to the presentation of the project On the Trail of the Glaciers on the 27th of June.

In the prestigious Roman background, Fabiano Ventura, pressed by the questions of the president of the club Luigi Maria Vignali, who moderated the soiree, not only reported the project scientific results but also answered to the many curiosities of the audience related to the expeditions “backstage”: about the organization, logistics, food, climate, contact with the local population, but also questions related to the photographic techniques and collection of scientic data.

There were representatives of the industry and of the Swiss and French Embassies.

At the end of the conference, a guided tour was conducted at the Club Art Gallery showing a selection of the images of the exhibition “On the Trail of the Glaciers” to the audience.

The event was really successful thanks to the crucial organization support of the club and in particular thanks to the work carried out by Gaia Bay Rossi, who cared about the entire organization.

A special thank goes also to Etica SGR, sponsor of the Conferences 2019. 

The next appointment will be a Ponte di Legno on August 15. To follow the other steps or to take part, follow the programme at this link.


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