The exhibition On the Trail of the Glaciers at the City Museums of Bassano del Grappa for 5 months

From September 15, 2019 to February 17, 2020 the photographic exhibition On the Trails of the Glaciers will be hosted by the city Museum of Bassano del Grappa.

The exhibition is at the same time linked to the traditional two-years festival Bassano Fotografia 2019, “Sconfinamenti” (14th of September — 3rd November 3 2019) – organized by Pro Bassano in collaboration with the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa, at its sixth edition this year – having the objective to inform and raise the awareness of visitors for such an important and sensible contemporary topic.

“Hosting On the Trail of the Glaciers – declared Elena Pavan, Major of Bassano del Grapparepresents for the city a unique opportunity to consider such important and urgent topics for our civic awareness.

Once again – declared Chiara Casarin, Director of the City Museums of Bassano del Grappa – art becomes the tool of understanding our present and photography of viewing it.

On the Trail of the Glaciers is exactly that: an exhibition in which past and actual photography, become an education tool to raise the awareness about the alarming consequences of climate change

The exhibition retraces the five project expeditions in Karakorum, Caucasus, Alaska, the Andes and Himalayas, with a staging that offers a direct comparison between historical and modern photos. The result is a sense of urgency in safeguarding glaciers, which are sensible indicators of our planet health.



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