Alps 2020

The “Alps 2020” expedition will conclude the work on field of the project “On the Trail of the Glaciers” and will take place in the Italian, French, Swiss and Austrian Alps between mid-July and mid-September 2020. It will develop along an extensive route with the aim of creating the largest archive of photographic comparisons in the Alps and collecting scientific data on the status of Alpine glaciers.

The expedition team, composed of photographers, directors and researchers, will meet five groups of scientists from various research institutes and universities that have been collaborating on the project for some time. The whole team will collaborate in glaciological research projects, using from time to time different methodologies. Along the way, stopping at some of the most significant locations in the Alps, events will be organized in order to raise the public awareness on climate change. For all transfers, the group will use only hybrid technology vehicles.

The 2020 expedition was preceded, in the summer of 2019, by a pre-shipment, which took place on the Italian slopes of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Bernina.

The iconographic research necessary for the selection of the historical images to be repeated during the “Alps 2020” expedition, which began more than a year ago, has involved, up to date, more than 70 photographic archives and over 100 collections including museums, foundations, geographic societies, national and civic libraries throughout Europe.



Itinerary Alps 2020

Itinerary of the “Alpi 2020” expedition divided by mountain massifs



1. Massif of Ecrins – 2. Massif of the Mont Blanc – 3. Massif of the Mont Rose – 4. Bernese Oberland – 5. Bernina Massif – 6. Massif of Adamello – 7. Massif Ortles Cevedale – 8. Dolomites – 9. Julian Alps – 10. Massif of Gran Sasso

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