Event for schools “Climate Change: becoming aware in order to act”, at the Piccolo Strehler Theatre of Milan

Becoming aware and understanding climate change and its effects is not an easy task, but new generations know that their future is at stake: The need to find solutions for an adjustment to the new climate conditions and to reduce its negative effects as far as possible.

All this will be discussed on the 27th of May during the event “Climate Change, becoming aware in order to act”, organized by the City Council of Milan in collaboration with Milano 2046 – Workshop for a Common Future – the Sustainable Development School and addressed to the primary and secondary school students of Milan.

The initiative, carried out in the framework of the Festival for Sustainable Development promoted by the ASVIS, is aimed at raising the desire of new generations to understand more clearly and in depth the complex topic of the climate change effects and the possible ways to limit them and solve its related consequences.

Among the speakers, who have a long experience and are considerable valuable, there is also Fabiano Ventura, who will explain, through the results of his project, the unequivocal consequences of climate change on the most important mountain glaciers of the world to the young audience.

Download the program here

Download the poster here

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