More than 2000 visitors to the exhibition “On the Trail of the Glaciers”. In Genoa many young people and students

1,200 students and 800 visitors for a total of about 2,000 people. This is the number of visits of the exhibition On the Trail of the Glaciers at the Genoa Science Festival, which ended last Sunday. This is an important result that also reported by the main local and national media (the press review will follow), added to 150 people attending the conference on the 4th of November, at which experts and scientists talked about the effects of climate change in the mountains, a very topical issue.

“We are satisfied with the results – says Fabiano Ventura – and above all with the interest aroused by the exhibition among the youngest and among the many students, who visited it. They are the ones, who can induce changes in families and raise the awareness that has been lacking for too many years. For our part, we have been witnessing climate change for over 10 years with the project ‘On the trail of the glaciers’. Unfortunately, we only find a growing collective interest in this topic following the disasters caused by the increasingly frequent climatic anomalies, and, in any case, for short time. Let’s hope it’s not too late”.

The exhibition at the Science Festival was sponsored by Epson Italia, Ricola and CAI – Italian Alpine Club and by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and the Cariplo Foundation.

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