On the Trail of the Glaciers makes a stop in Chivasso

“Immaginando” is the name of the cultural event promoted by the section of the Italian Alpine Club of Chivasso, near Turin, in which an evening dedicated to the project On the Trail of the Glaciers is scheduled on December the 6th. 

The event, sponsored by the City of Chivasso, is a highly awaited event that has been attracting for 27 years now a large and passionate audience. 

The conference in which Fabiano will present the results of the ten-year project “On the Trail of the Glaciers” is the last in a series of events of great cultural importance, whose aim is to highlight the urgency on the subject of the climate crisis and the importance of continuing to raise public awareness about it.

The awareness of the increasingly serious problem of climate change – said Fabiano – has led me in recent years to focus much of my work on one goal: to spread as much as possible among the general public, and especially among young people, knowledge of this phenomenon through an exciting communication. For me, the Chivasso event represents a very significant stage in this journey, also in relation to the territory, to which the project is very closely linked“. 

Download to poster by clicking here

For infos: www.caichivasso.it, e-mail: info@caichivasso.it 

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