Again in London

It is very exciting this research work … but also very difficult and complicated to recognize the geographical places in an area as vast as the Everest area, the highest mountain in the world.

I have to cross a huge amount of data, from the historical photographs I have to recognize the glaciers, valleys, mountain sides and the dimensions from which they were taken, I have to consider the itinerary followed by each single shipment, pinpoint the handwritten captions on antique prints and information about lenses and plates used by photographers. Following I have to write all the codes of the photographs to make me scans from the Society and place them on Google Earth inserting in the notes on all the information acquired on the shooting place. Not to mention the relations with the archivists and the management of the “The Royal Geographical Society” ….

So all very nice but also very challenging considering that I am working simultaneously on other 1000 fronts such as the creation of the project website and the organization of the logistics of the shipment that will touch three different states, Nepal, China and India.
Thank goodness that sometimes I stop to eat the fantastic Red Salmon in the picture that public and in the evening I’m always in the company of friends drinking beers in the coolest pubs in London.


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