Liligo, the surging glacier

Today we reach one of the most investigated tributaries of the Baltoro glacier; it’s the Liligo glacier, so interesting one since many times subject to quick changes, as to be classified as “surging glacier”, and yet studied by Prof. Claudio Smiraglia, scientific coordinator of the project “On the Trails of the Glaciers”. During the latest 30 years this glacier advanced about 1500 meters; currently it reached the morenic limit of the Baltoro glacier

,but its expansion seems to be stopped because it’s possible to recognize the older limit of the front morain (in contact with the Baltoro’s one) now abandoned and separated from the current front by a fluvioglacial torrent; moreover, the glacial front’ surface is very flat, and this could depict the exhaustion of the push phase.


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  1. veramente interessante e in qualche modo preoccupante vedere queste immagini a confronto!!!! complimenti per lo splendido reportage non vedo l’ora di vedere altre foto….un bacione

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