First on sight visits and results

Fabiano Ventura writes: “ We are in Mesita, our logistic base for the expedition. From here we are arranging for a first mission of 5-6 days on the Tuiber Glacier, an important “debris covered Glacier”, namely a glacier with the terminus covered with morenic debris. While Kenneth and Riccardo will leave with the guide George and some porters, to reach the glacier in 2-3 days and begin to monitor its fusion rate, I will replicate some photographs took over 127 years ago from Mor Von Dechy to the “Zanner”, “Kageb” and “Tuiber” Glaciers. On August 1st we climbed theGuliMountain (2925 mt) to shoot some video and have a general view of the actual snow distribution on the regional glaciers.

On August 2nd, Riccardo and myself spent the entire day walking in an impervious, tight forest of birch and rhododendrons, looking for a spot from which Vittorio Sella (121 years ago) took an historical shot of the “Chalaat” Glacier, and we finally found it. The exploration allowed us to verify first that the Chalaat Glacier dramatically regressed (about3 km in length and 200 mt in thickness), and second that it will be impossible to reach the “Leskir” Glacier. In fact, the bridges to cross the creek collapsed and the trail had been completely immersed in the vegetation. Moreover, the huge regress also of this Glacier modified its terminus as to make it impossible to be reached.

On the evening of august 4th, during a meeting finalized to exchange information and establish Marco and Luca (director and cameramen of the documentary), on a collaborative meeting with the Tbilisi University finalized to information exchange, interviewed the friendly team of Georgian glaciologist.


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