Ascent of mount Lashkdilar 3325 m

Through the path that leads up to an altitude of2700 meters,  we reach the plateaus that stand over the Mestia village, where we spend the night in order to reach some wonderful small lakes. From there, we follow the path that leads us to the summit of the Lashkdilar mountain. Thanks to the flat and grassy ground, we can set up our tents very close to one another and organize our equipment for the next day ascent.

To reach the summit before the sunrise, as usual we have to get up very early: we already keep on walking at three in the morning, following the path lighted by the moon, although we often lose the way, because the undefined track continuously confuses itself  in the free debris and forces us to separate in order to identify its direction.

The porters often remain back, for sure they carry a load much heavier than ours, but maybe they are not used to walk on the mountains at night.

After a long crossing on a steep rock slope of about hundred meters, a very unstable and sliding one, we reach a ridge that leads us rapidly to the summit. At last we see in front of us the huge eastern wall of the so called Caucasus “Matterhorn”, Mount Ushba: the majesty of the view is really breathtaking, the very first sunrise lights highlight and lightly touch the two southern basins of the Chaalati Glacier, that now are no more connected to the main flow.

During the expedition arrangements, I identified accurately the mountain and I was sure that our efforts would have paid off. The Ushba has not been climbed by Sella, who instead took photos of all the mountainsides hoping to document the mountain and identify a possible ascent track (at that time, the summit was still untouched). I feel a touch of pride to have been able to find out a new point of view that Sella did not reach.


4 thoughts on “Ascent of mount Lashkdilar 3325 m

  1. Mamma mia che foto spettacolari !!!!!!
    Fabiano son contento di avere tue notizie, mi stavo giusto chiedendo come andava la spedizione…
    Mi farai vedere anche qualche bel panorama notturno con Via Lattea a 180 gradi al tuo ritorno?
    Salutoni e a presto!

  2. grande Fabiano continua così tieni alto il nome dell’italia (almeno tu) siamo tutti con te!!! complimenti per le foto ! poi spero che quando torni organizzerai qualche serata o giornata per raccontarci bene tutta questa bellissima e interessantissima spedizione
    un abbraccio

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