The photographic archive of the Luigi Gabba’s Library of the Italian Alpine Club in Milan

This stage of my research in Milan has been rich, not only in iconographic material, but also in beautiful surprises and human encounters of great depth.

In the Luigi Gabba’s library of the Italian Alpine Club in Milan, I found a great variety of authors, a very interesting photographic archive on the Alps and a group of volunteers who are engaging with dedication to organize this heritage.

40,000 plates, of which 5,000 have already been digitized, 2,800 copies of topographic maps, about 10,000 volumes. These are the figures about the archive’s size, which the group of volunteers coordinated by Fabio Giuggioli and Marco Polo is censoring and digitizing, in collaboration with the publisher “Versante Sud”, to make it available to citizens.

This is a very important work, to be done in short time because many of those plates are more than 120 years old and their support is gradually deteriorating.

It is a pity that no ad hoc funds are allocated for cataloguing and restoration. After all, this is our historical memory, which should be safeguarded and made known to all citizens.

The aim of the project “On the Trail of the Glaciers” is also to restore, post-produce and disseminate the wonderful historical images selected in the various archives, enhancing not only the iconographic heritage but also the mountain ecosystems it represents.



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