On the trail of the glaciers in Superquark, Wednesday 12 August

Next Wednesday, August 12th, in the episode of Superquark aired on Raiuno will talk about the expedition “On the trail of the glaciers – Karakorum 2009”.

The expedition team has collected, 100 years later, a considerable amount of data in the same places visited by the historical expeditions. In particular, the shots taken at the beginning of the century by photographers Vittorio Sella and Massimo Terzano, who took part in the most important Italian exploration expeditions in the region, in 1909 (led by the Duke of Abruzzi) and 1929 (led by Aimone di Savoia, Duke of Spoleto), were replicated.

The scientific observations and measurements were taken care of by the Scientific Committee of the project.

Ten years after that first expedition – says Fabiano Ventura – we can say that all of us, together with our sponsors, were some of the visionaries. Of course, already in those years there was a lot of talk about climate change, but maybe there was not the collective perception of development that this problem would have taken. Now, climate change is undoubtedly the “theme” around which everything else revolves and around which the economic and productive policies of the future are being launched. For this reason I feel confident that the work we have done with the project “On the trail of the glaciers” has contributed in an essential way to building the greater knowledge and awareness that has developed in recent years in the public opinion“.


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