Reflection on World Earth Day

Today we want to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “World Earth Day” with a consideration about what we are experiencing, supported by a selection of our photographic comparisons from the largest mountain ranges on our planet.

Many people today would like to return to “normality“, says Fabiano Ventura, director of the project “On the Trail of the Glaciers”, “but we must understand that it is that normality that has contributed to the imbalances that have favoured the conditions for the outbreak of Covid-19. Soil consumption and cementing, deforestation, our lifestyle based on false needs, the need for a well-being that destroys entire ecosystems and alters the complex Earth climate system, intensive livestock farming, lack of respect for biodiversity and economic policies that do not take into account sustainable development processes.

The recovery from this pandemic must be a great opportunity to ask ourselves what we want to be and how we want to continue the development of our species. In this way, we can build a new normality that can ensure us a future with different rules that take account of the importance of sustainability.

The images, beside witnessing the Climate Crisis, should stimulate in each of us a greater awareness of how we are acting on earth, and make us understand how important it is to move now, right now, without wasting further time.

Only by reducing our impact on the environment can we guarantee a future”.


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