The exhibition “On the trail of the glaciers” at the National Mountain Museum gets underway

It will be the Museomontagna di Torino to tell the public about the project On the trail of the glaciers. The exhibition entitled “Sulle Tracce dei Ghiacciai. On the Trail of the Glaciers“, is organized as part of Ferrino’s 150th anniversary celebrations and recounts through a selection of photographic comparisons and backstage images the first five expeditions of the project, held in the Karakorum, Caucasus, Alaska, Andes and Himalaya mountain ranges. It also presents a preview of an overview of the Lys glacier at Monte Rosa in the summer of 2019.

To complete the exhibition, on display until August 30, the interactive video installation entitled “On the journey through time“, created by video artist Paolo Scoppola, which allows visitors to interact with ancient and modern images.

I’m honored – says Fabiano Ventura, director of the project – to see this work of ours exhibited at the National Mountain Museum, historical seat of the Italian Alpine Club, where often the historical research for our expeditions started. Thanks to this collaboration, we will have the opportunity to reach a part of the audience, deeply connected to these territories and everything they communicate. For this reason I would also like to express my special thanks to the Ferrino company that, in celebrating such an important birthday, has chosen to support this initiative and once again strengthen its link with the mountains“.

The inaugural event, initially scheduled for March and then postponed to a date to be set for the lockdown in Italy, will take place today, coinciding with the reopening of the National Mountain Museum in Turin. On June 4th, the director of the project Fabiano Ventura will meet the press for the official presentation of the exhibition.

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One thought on “The exhibition “On the trail of the glaciers” at the National Mountain Museum gets underway

  1. Conosco il progetto, la storia delle spedizioni, il materiale fotografico che è stato raccolto, le metodologie di acquisizione fotografica che permettono un confronto perfetto con le foto scattate un secolo fa, gli studi e le ricerche di glaciologia che ne sono conseguite. È importante che tutto questo lavoro venga conosciuto e divulgato e credo che questa mostra sia un’ottima occasione.

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