We believe in the importance of raising environmental awareness amongst the younger generations and in the communicative potential of images. This is why we have devised educational programmes using content from “On the Trail of the Glaciers”, working alongside science communicators and educationalists from a range of different backgrounds. For more information download the activity brochure.

For more information please contact us using the form below.

Eventi didattici
  • Roma 2014
    Museo Etnografico Luigi Pigorini

    (Italiano) 7250 partecipanti

  • Jedda 2016
    Campus universitario in Arabia Saudita

    (Italiano) 1800 studenti

  • Roma 2017
    Centrali aperte Enel

    (Italiano) 125 studenti

  • Roma 2017
    Auditorium Enel

    (Italiano) 1500 studenti

  • Torino 2018
    Environment Park

    (Italiano) 120 ragazzi delle scuole

  • Varie città
    Scuole medie, superiori e università

    (Italiano) 5000 studenti


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