On the Trail of the Glaciers
Exploring the past for a sustainable future
Our vision
Our work strives to nurture greater ecological awareness
We use the technique of comparative photography, a technique that combines the power of images to communicate with rigorous historical and scientific research. Photographs chronicling the retreat of the earth’s largest mountain glaciers and scientific evidence are combined to highlight the extraordinary changes in climate that our planet is undergoing, and of the urgent need to take all possible actions to limit the consequences.
Fabiano Ventura, Project Leader
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research projects
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NEXT GENERATION – A successful climate change education project
The educational project “NEXT GENERATION – The challenges of climate change”, aimed at a selection of high schools throughout Italy, has come to a successful conclusion. The project, organised by the Macromicro association and promoted and financed by the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, travelled across Italy from north to south, involving 10 institutes in [...]
Press release
2024 Web 1st January – prima ILLEVANTE – View 2023 Tv – Radio – Web broadcasts and interviews 8th November – TeleBelluno – Watch the special 22th June – Il Sole 24 Ore – Watch the special 19th Mat – Sud TV – Watch the interview with Fabiano Ventura 8th April – Eden La7 – [...]
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