EARTH’S MEMORY. From 17 June at the Forte di Bard the world preview

Opening on 17 June at the Forte di Bard is the EARTH’S MEMORY exhibition presenting a world preview of the results of the project “On the Trail of the Glaciers”, the photographic-scientific journey conceived and directed by Fabiano Ventura. The exhibition, which will be open to the public until 18 November 2022, brings together a 13-year-long journey, created to document and show the shocking effects of climate change on the planet.

From 2009 to 2021, Ventura, together with a team of filmmakers and researchers, led eight expeditions to the Earth’slargest mountain glaciers: Karakorum (2009), Caucasus (2011), Alaska (2013), Andes (2016), Himalayas (2018) and Alps (2019-2020-2021). Today, in the EARTH’S MEMORY exhibition, the 90 photographic comparisons displayed with large-format, top-quality images are complemented by the scientific data collected during the expeditions and disseminated in the exhibition. The contents are presented using the most modern techniques of interactive design and data visualisation: large-screen projections, video installations and immersive images allow visitors to delve into the magical world of glaciers and the complex topic of climate change. Videos of expeditions and interviews with the various researchers involved, collections of clothing from yesterday and today, and collections of documents and maps of historical-scientific value complete the exhibition.

The exhibition has received UNESCO patronage and features an infomative scientific collaboration with the ESA (European Space Agency), which produced, specially for the Bard exhibition project, animated graphics presenting scientific results on satellite images of the geographical areas covered by the expeditions of the project ‘On the Trail of the Glaciers’.

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