Fabiano Ventura guest of “Frontiere”, on Rai1

The fifth episode of the current affairs program “Frontiers”, on 21 October at 23.40 on Rai 1, moderated by Franco di Mare,  will talk about climate change, possible solutions to stem the problem and the “Greta” phenomenon and his impact  on world public opinion, especially the young people.

In addition to Fabiano Ventura, there will be the journalist and scientific communicator Piero Angela, the writer Lidia Ravera, the physicist meteorologist Franco Prodi, the spokesman of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS), Enrico Giovannini, the young Italian activist chosen by the UN as the only representative of our country at the Youth Summit, Federica Gasbarro, the neuropsychiatrist Stefano Vicari.

The photos and videos of the project “On the trail of the glaciers will be shown as evidence of the retreat of the glacial masses in this last century both in the western Alps and on the other great glaciers of the planet.

The appointment is on Monday, October 21 at 11.40 p.m. on the Italian TV channel Rai 1



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