Epson Calendar 2019: Fabiano Ventura’s shots as protagonists

After the biggest names in photography that signed the past editions, this year, Fabiano Ventura’s shots will be the protagonists of the prestigious Epson calendar. ” Time Witnesses”, is the title of the calendar that SHOW the glaciers of the world, the disappeared and still existing ones.

With the nineteenth edition of the famous Calendario d’autore (art calendar) and after having presented images by Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Franco Fontana, Giorgio Lotti, Andrea Pistolesi, just to name a few, Epson has chosen to celebrate not only photography, but also its ten-year commitment to environmental protection, in a continuous effort to minimize the impact of its activities and products on the delicate balance of the Planet. A commitment confirmed by its subscription to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations in 2015, of which Epson has selected fourteen. Among them, Objective 13 linked to Climate Change, with respect to which Fabiano Ventura has been carrying out an awareness rising campaign for years with his photographs.

The twelve shots, in fact, have been chosen among the images of the photographic-scientific project “On the trail of the glaciers”, aimed at spreading a greater ecological awareness.

This edition will also be particularly important because it is environmentally friendly, thanks to the support of Epson Italia for new compensatory forestation projects, developed in Milan in collaboration with Rete Clima non profit within the “Emissioni CO2 Zero” program.

The Calendar is bound with an entirely handmade process and made in 800 numbered copies. It is composed of a total of 9,600 original photographs, produced with Epson printers, papers and inks, and manually glued one at a time. A true collection object.

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