On the Trail of the Glaciers – Andes 2016, the fourth expedition starts

Thursday 11 February, the “On the Trail of the Glaciers – Andes 2016”expedition will set off for the “deep south” of the planet – the Tierra del Fuego and the Patagonian Andes. The team of photographers, filmmakers and researchers will spend over two months in this unspoilt region.

The expedition, organized thanks to the support of Enel Green Power, MC-link and Gitzo, aims to continue the photographic documentary work carried out in the three previous expeditions to Karakorum, the Caucases and Alaska.

Thanks to this new expedition, the archive established by Fabiano Ventura can be considered one of the most important sources documenting the world’s glaciers using the technique of comparative photography (repeat photography: the photographic comparison of historic and contemporary photographs taken from exactly the same spot to enable the precise superimposition of images).

3D models of the “Exploradores” glacier in Chile will be constructed by compiling images captured on the ground and by drones and satellites. This will increase our understanding of the effects of climate change on the phenomenon of glacial retreat. These state of the art techniques are being used for the first time by Italian researchers working in this field.

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