Iconographic research for the “Alps 2020” expedition has begun

This week we can officially announce the start of the documentation phase for the Alps expedition. Fabiano and his team have started a few days ago the archive research to select the historical pictures and to plan, based on them, the itinerary of the final expedition “On the trail of the glaciers – Alps 2020. A real tour in the temples of iconographic conservation: the National Museum of the Mountain in Turin; the Gallery of Modern Art and the Italian Glaciological Committee; the Sella’s Foundation in Biella and the Brel Brosharel fund in Aosta; the Italian Geographic Society in Rome; the Polytechnic archive in Zurich and the Federal Topographical Office in Bern; the archives of Alfredo Corti in the CAI section in Sondrio and the CAI archives in Milan. Finally, the Royal Geographical Society and the Alpin Club of London and the Alinari archive and the Military Geographical Institute in Florence. A full immersion among the testimonies of the past, a fundamental stage for the construction of the “Alps 2020” special itinerary.

All the research activity will be presented by Fabiano through a storytelling activity: a travel diary with images and videos that we will be published on the website and on our social media.

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