• Jun
    Iconographic research in Turin: 15,000 photos in 3 days

    (Italiano) 15000 foto in 3 giorni. Non male come inizio lavoro di ricerca iconografica. Di ritorno dal Piemonte posso considerarmi soddisfatto per questa full immersion negli archivi storici di fotografie di montagna: Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi” di Torino, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Comitato Glaciologico Italiano.

  • Jul
    Cho Oyu and its Glacier, Gyarag

    Today we move on from the Everest base camp and make our way to the base camp at Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth highest mountain. During a journey over mainly dirt roads we come across a Tibetan family grazing their yaks while, close by, we get a glimpse of a vulture close to a dead

  • Jun
    Climate change from the roof of the world

    We have completed the first part of the expedition and are back in Kathmandu and need to know if the Chinese Consulate is going to issue us with a visa to enter Tibet. We have an appointment at the Consulate the morning after our arrival and are received by the Consul himself. The meeting turns

  • Jun
    Descent to the Jannu, an enormous transformation of the landscape

    After the high-altitude exertions of the previous day we decided to set the alarm clock at a reasonable time and got up at 7am. I emerged from my sleeping bag and shook off the frost that my condensed breath had formed and switched on the light of my tiny tent. Before me lay the peaks

  • May
    The geology of the Kangchenjunga area

    (Italiano) Lungo i corsi d’acqua che incontriamo risalendo la valle del fiume Ghunsa Khola si osservano i tipi di rocce provenienti dalle aree più a monte, e quelle più rappresentate sono quelle metamorfiche, infatti siamo nella zona che i geologi chiamano “The Higher Himalaya” (nella quale sono comprese le più alte cime della terra) costituita da rocce di questo tipo e in misura minore da graniti (rocce ignee).

  • May
    Kangchejunga, the world’s third highest mountain.

    The expedition moves on at a rapid pace. Over the past couple of days we have climbed up the Ghunsa river valley towards the base camp of the world’s third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga. The Himalayan mountain landscapes that surround us are simply breathtaking and the sense of awe they provoke has helped us cope with

  • May
    In the Nepalese jungle

    After making some last-minute purchases in Kathmandu’s legendary Pilgrim Bookstore we took a scheduled flight to Badrapur, a small town in western Nepal where our guide, Prem, was expecting us.

  • Apr
    Finally flying to Himalaya

    We finally left Rome Airport on a flight bound for New Delhi on April 20th. We checked in more than 250Kg of baggage, including photographic and scientific equipment and other material required for a long expedition. We made sure there was enough space for three litres of top quality olive oil, a good supply of

  • Jan
    Again in London

    It is very exciting this research work … but also very difficult and complicated to recognize the geographical places in an area as vast as the Everest area, the highest mountain in the world. I have to cross a huge amount of data, from the historical photographs I have to recognize the glaciers, valleys, mountain

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