• Fabiano Ventura protagonist on Espansione Tv for the Lake Como Light Festival

    Next June 21st Fabiano Ventura will be protagonist of the show “Festival della Luce 2020 – Streaming edition”, that will air at 9pm on Espansione Tv. The other guests of the program that will be conducted by Alessandro Cecchi Paone will be the meteorologist and climatologist Andrea Giuliacci (who will be present in the studio)

  • The State of the Himalayan Glaciers on Geologicamente

    “The State of the Himalayan Glaciers” is the title of the article that has just been published on the first edition of Geologicamente, the new magazine of the Italian Geographical Society reporting some scientific results of the expedition “On the Trail of the Glaciers – Himalaya 2018”. Written by Andrea Bollati, Fabiano Ventura, Claudio Smiraglia, Guglielmina

  • Himalaya 2018: the Scientific Result on Nimbus

    The last issue of the prestigious scientific magazine Nimbus, directed by Luca Mercalli, dedicates the cover and 18 pages inside to the scientific results of the expedition “On the Trail of the Glaciers” – Himalayas 2018”, illustrated with photographic comparisons made by Fabiano Ventura during the expedition and signed by a group of researchers of

  • Public success and environmental values at the EHO, the Macedonia Mountain Festival

    A very rich participation of audience was recorded at the EHO, the Mountain Festival, held in Skopje, Macedonia, from the 28th of October to the 1st of November. The about 350 films presented have been selected not just with a focus on the storytelling of mountaineering performances, but above all on the environmental and cultural

  • On the Trail of the Glaciers at the Scandicci fair

    Tomorrow, 8th of October, as part of Scandicci Fiera 2019, an evening dedicated to the project On the trail of the glaciers. At the Conference Hall of the Acciaiolo’s Castle, at 9 p.m..  Together with Fabiano Ventura, also Daniele Peano, scientific researcher of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change, will report on the results of

  • “Climate change: Awareness and consequences”: Public meeting in Perugia

    On the 20th of September at 5.30 p.m. in Perugia, in the auditorium of the University for Foreigners, a public meeting will be held under the title: “Climate change: Awareness and consequences”, during which Fabiano Ventura and David Michele Cappelletti, Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechologies will speak. During the meeting, organized by the cultural

  • On the Trail of the Glaciers in Ponte di Legno

    The pre-expedition on the Western Alps will end on the 15th of August in Ponte di Legno, where Fabiano Ventura and part of his team will present, in the framework of the event “Emozioni all’ultimo respiro”, the project “On the trail of the glaciers” and the first part of the “Alps 2020” expedition. Appointment at

  • On the Trail of the Glaciers will be the star at the Tuscia University (Viterbo)

    “Towards the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” is the title of the event scheduled at the Tuscia University (Viterbo) on the 8th of June, when the project On the Trail of the Glaciers is among the star attractions. The event is organized by the Department of Forestry and Agricultural Sciences – DAFNE), by the TAM

  • “On the Trails of the Glaciers” on the Magazine Renewable Matter

    A long article with the description of the project “On the Trails of the Glaciers” was published on “Renewable Matter”,the prestigious international magazine (also printed in English) on bioeconomy and circular economy. A pdf version of the article of 8 pages can be downloaded here.

  • Scientific results of the “Himalaya 2018” expedition on the National Geographic

    Our team of researchers has processed the scientific results of the expedition carried out last spring in the Himalayas. It is a 55-page report signed by the leading Italian glaciologists, the result of the elaboration of data collected on field by the geologist Andrea Bollati of the Roma Tre University and the remote sensing work

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